Ross Emery, Founder and Producer of Roadshow Revivals Tribute to the Music of Johnny Cash USA
Hey Folks! Ross Emery here, I'm the Founder and Producer of Roadshow Revival here in the USA, Ventura, California to be exact. I consider it an honor to work with Cindy Cash and the legacy that her daddy left us all to enjoy. The past four years, RSR has honored that legacy by paying tribute to the music of Johhny Cash, Americas #1 icon!Last year we were blessed to have the Johhny's ... Let me tell you something...The Johnny's WOW!! Those girls own it, honor it, and rocked it, here in the USA ! We rode around with my best friend Cindy Cash and business partner in limos to do TV and radio interviews once they arrived. Now looking back i wished they came out 30 days prior to do most of our pre festival events, they were so full of positive energy and love for Johnny Cash! They made some new friends for life out here, and will be planning 2013 to honor the man in black once again! Truly I now consider them family.

Cindy Cash, Founder and Producer of Roadshow Revivals Tribute to the Music of Johnny Cash USA 

I have stopped my world tonight to listen to 'Cinnamon Hill' by Suzi Fray. WOW! I was mesmerized. I cried as I heard my dad saying the same words that Suzi sang. 'I'm coming home'. This was how he felt. Jamaica was his hideaway. His second home. This was how he showed Cinnamon Hill to us. His children. I love this song. I love this band. I am completely taken aback by the voices and the words of this song. I couldn't be happier or more proud to welcome this band to our festival! One thing I know dad would say, 'An all girl band singing my songs. I want to hear this!'. Oh, how he did love the girls!.Welcome to California, Johnnys!! Can't wait to meet you! Cindy Cash

Cindy Cash
I would love to comment on meeting the Johnnys. What charming women they are. We had an absolute wonderful time together,I felt as if I had know them my whole life and hated to see them leave.
Their performance was amazing and we are hoping to see them again next year at the Roadshow Revival's tribute to Johnny Cash. I feel I have three new friends and am considering, one day, coming to New Zealand and visiting with them again. I've been there many years ago with my father and love your country.
Thank you for the opportunity to speak about these wonderful people.
Cindy Cash

Sophie Kelly, Festival Director Nelson Arts & Summer Festival
We were thrilled with The Johnny’s performance as part of this year’s Nelson Arts Festival. The girls have quickly developed a huge following of supporters and it was great to see such a diverse crowd enjoying their dynamic performance. The girls delivered a slick show, upbeat classic tunes and some stunning originals, we look forward to having them back soon.

Geoff McLean owner of Deville 22 New St. Nelson NZ

To Whom It May Concern
The worlds only all girl Johnny Cash tribute band. What can I say except Johnny Cash would absolutely love these three beautiful women covering the legacy of his music.
The Johnnys performed live at Deville on New Year’s eve 2011 to a sell-out audience of around 200 people and to put it mildly the whole place went off. Almost without exception the crowd sang along and danced the night away.The lead singer Suzi is an absolute standout in every regard – engaging the audience, driving the band, stunning wardrobe, stage presence and an amazing voice. Along with her band they are without a doubt a very polished act. I would have them back at any time.
Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss anything in regard to this band.
Geoff McLean
My email: geoffmclean2000@yahoo.co.nz

Ali Howard, Manager The Boathouse
To Whom it May Concern
I write in support of The Johnnys who played at The Boathouse in January 2012. The Boathouse is a busy club, cafe & music venue with live gigs each week.
Suzi & her group were fun & professional & put on a great show. We had a full house of happy people who joined in with dancing & called for more at the end.
Their look & marketing fits the music & there was a general feeling that the show exceeded the audience expectations.
Do not hesitate to contact me for any further information.
with regards
Ali Howard

Les and Denise
Nelson Creek Hotel, Nelson Creek, Greymouth
Hi Suzi. How could i say anything but great things about the gigs you have played. We as owners and I can speak for the people that came along to the show that they where very impressed with the professionalism and passion shown to Johnny Cash music by yourselves.
The whole crowd (from 18 - 82(Pat Fisher) had a wonderful time and you have a way of including the audience as part of the show. Alot of people have heard the songs but you told the story of the music which in most cases ,people have never heard.
Great work and all the best for a very bright future playing the Man in Black.
Kindest regards until next time you play at our little peace of paradise on the coast.
Les and Denise

Bim Rogers, Nelson Forests Ltd
Thanks Johnny’s for a great night’s entertainment at our recent mid-winter function. Lots of dancing and singing, even those who don’t usually dance were enjoying the music and interaction with the band.
It is certainly a night we all enjoyed and look forward to having you entertain us again in the future.
Bim Rogers